Writing Is Healthy!

Writing Is Healthy! 

If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad.
~Lord Byron 

Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, considered writing “a matter of necessity… a very sturdy ladder out of the pit,” and life-saving. I often hear people say this: “Writing has saved my life.” Or “Writing saved my sanity.” I’ve said it myself! There are times in our lives – all of us, at one time or another - when life issues, events, circumstances, are just so overwhelming it seems too much to bear. You feel quite helpless. You may feel like you’re “going crazy”! Try as you might, you just can’t think your way through it. And there’s the problem! You’re thinking too much! Try writing instead! Writing gets it out of your head – and on to the page, giving form to the emotional turmoil you’re experiencing, creating a container for it. And that’s what makes the difference!

Well over 200 studies published in English language journals, over the past twenty years have demonstrated that expressive writing is a powerful tool for healing. When people write about what’s troubling them, it sets off a cascade of positive effects, including:

  • an improvement in physical health and enhanced immune function;
  • feeling happier, with fewer symptoms of depression or anxiety;
  • enjoying better sleep, reduced alcohol consumption and smoking;
  • becoming more socially comfortable, better listeners, better friends;
  • spending less time ruminating on problems, freeing up working memory;
  • earning higher grades and achieving better employment results.

As we write though, there is the possibility, in the short term, of some emotional overload. At C-Change all of our programs are carefully and professionally designed, structured, and paced to reduce that possibility, to provide healthy containment and to optimize all of the very positive effects of writing. Research in the last few years also suggests that social or interpersonal factors contribute to the positive outcomes of writing. Writing in a group, therefore, enhances the experience.

Writing is healthy. Holding back those emotions is not. Writing literally changes people’s lives!

And it’s inexpensive, self-initiated, flexible, portable, and doesn’t need to take a lot of time. You can do it anytime, anywhere, and independent of anyone else. And you don’t have to be a Hemingway or Virginia Woolf. It’s not about talent at all; it’s about self-expression – though our writing does improve, the more of it we do. And, in my experience, words that come from the heart, whether they are inspired by our joy, or our pain, are often exquisitely beautiful!

Aside from all that, wriiting can be fun!  Why not discover the inner writer in you? Check out our Courses!