Welcome to the C-Change online course section.  Each of the following courses will be offered online, here on this website, where you will have the opportunity to enter a virtual classroom that is open 24/7.   You will have the opportunity, in your own time, to engage with others in your group, in a forum, a chat room, or privately if you choose, through your own C-Change mailbox.  Early each week, once the course begins, your facilitator will post or assign your reading and writing assignments, discussion questions etc.  You will then have the week to respond and discuss.  But you won’t want to wait too long!  You will want to enjoy, as much as possible, the sharing, dialogue, exchange of insights, and the support of your group!  (Note:  The forums and chat rooms are secure; and only those currently enrolled in a particular course will have access.)

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Online Courses

Career Choice: Dreams, Destiny, or Determination?

Date: Offered online on demand (8 wks.) Cost: $240.00
Are you having difficulty deciding on a career path? Or are you unhappy with the path you have taken? Some say you can achieve anything, provided you’re willing to work for it. Others say you should give up your dreams and just go where the jobs are. This workshop is for those who want both career success and satisfaction.

Do you have a Dream? What role does Destiny play in your career development? What can you hope to achieve out of sheer Determination? These are among the questions we will consider in this workshop, as we explore career choice in the context of your “life story”. Over our eight weeks together, we will examine any “old scripts” you might still be acting on. We will consider character and plot development. And we will explore alternative pathways toward resolution, and your “happy ending”. 


Career Quest: Career Planning as a Heroic Journey

Date: Offered online on demand (8 wks.) Cost: $240.00
You’ve made your career choice. You know what you want; and you know you can do it. But do “they”? How do you get there? Sometimes the career path can feel like a long, lonely journey. In this workshop we help you to map out that journey, and guide you through it. Through a number of written tools and exercises, and with the help of a support group, you will find the keys you need to open the door, and gain the confidence to go through that door. 


Grimm’s For Grown-Up “Girls”

Date: Offered online on demand (8 wks.) Cost: $240.00
What’s your favourite fairy tale? Are fairy tales for children or adults? What can we learn about ourselves through fairy tales? In week 1 of this workshop, we explore the history of fairy tales and various perspectives, approaches, and interpretations of their significance. Beginning with the story of Demeter & Persephone we consider the seasons of a woman’s life, and the various stages of women’s transformation. In subsequent weeks, we will explore another fairy tale each week and, through our own writing, we will explore its relevance to our own lives. Specific fairy tales may vary from program to program, and others may be added in future. 


Good Goddess! Feminine Archetypes

Date: Offered online on demand (8 wks.) Cost: $240.00

Myths, like fairy tales, continue to be told - even after thousands of years. And, because they describe the human experience, they continue to be relevant. Are you a ‘human being’ or a ‘human doing’? Are you trying to be Superwoman? Are you feeling betrayed by an achievement-oriented and/or a material world, a world that seems to value thinking over feeling? Have we lost touch with the feminine, with our feelings in our bodies and with planet earth itself?

According to Jean Shinoda Bolen, many of her clients sought her help as a therapist “in order to learn how to be better heroines in their own life stories”. In this workshop, based on an understanding of the goddess archetypes, we explore how to become better “heroines” in our own life stories. Drawing on Bolen’s work, we will examine how the goddess archetypes are expressed in our own lives: in our motivation, our awareness, and in the roles that we take. What drives our life stories? Can we be better heroines?

In addition to Bolen’s work, we may draw upon the work of Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Maureen Murdock, Carol Pearson, Marion Woodman and others.



Journal To The Self®

Date: Offered online on demand
At your own speed
Cost: $165.00 *  

Does your journal need a jump-start? Take heart! Tens of thousands of people have learned this easy, effective, and empowering model of journal keeping through the Journal to the Self® method. Created in 1985 by Kathleen Adams LPC, PTR, Director of the Center for Journal Therapy, Inc., and internationally known pioneer and expert in the power of writing to heal, this is the workshop that started a movement in therapeutic writing. You will experience - and practice - the entire “journal toolbox” (more than 20 techniques) made famous by the classic book Journal to the Self®.

* Fee Includes workbook