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Some change we seek – like career change.  Some change comes with time — like aging and retirement.  We may not like it, but we know it’s inevitable.  Then there are those unexpected changes that can cause such turmoil.  In every case, change shifts the narrative of our lives.


So, are you looking to make changes in your life?  Or are you wishing for a break from change?  Either way, you’ve come to the “write” place!  Through writing, journaling, and story-telling, C-Change helps people who are caught in the turmoil of change to create a new life story.  To find out how, see our Online and On-Site Courses.  And join us on a journey of self-discovery!






 On Story-Telling

Life hangs on a narrative thread.  This thread is a braid of stories that inform us about who we are, and where we come from, and where we might go.  The thread is slender but strong: we trust it to hold us and allow us to swing over the edge of the known into the future we dream in words.
Christina Baldwin, Storycatcher 

Whether we are alone, or gathered with others, around the kitchen table, or a restaurant table, around a campfire, or the water cooler, we are constantly telling “stories” – to ourselves, and to one another.   It’s how we structure our reality; it’s how we connect with others; it’s how we make sense of the world, of our lives, of our selves.  As we tell our stories, and as we write our stories, thus we create our lives.   We learn a great deal by reading, and by listening to the stories of others too. 

Often our own stories begin by adopting those told by others before us, however accurate – or inaccurate - those stories might be.   Sometimes, when our experience does not match our story, we reject experience in favour of the story.  In any case, as long as we are alive, the story remains unfinished.  There is always potential material for new stories as yet untold.  C-Change exists to help you to write your story, and, in the telling, to create the life you want to live.  In that sense what we are doing is “creative” writing.


"But I'm no writer!" you say?


Sea Change©, A poem by Amy Christman

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Mary C.
Date: Jun 30, 2010

It’s an enjoyable night out, relaxed female sharing time that made me see that we all share the same feelings and doubts, struggles, troubles, and joys. This workshop armed me with simply, easy tools that world like a surgeon’s precision to gently ply some deep old ‘stuff’ out of my dust...

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