"But, I'm no writer!" you say?

Now you may be thinking, “I’m no Virginia Woolf or Ernest Hemingway.  I can’t write!”  Relax.  This is not about writing material for publication.  You don’t even need to share your writing if you choose not to.  You can share as much, or as little, of your writing as you like.  We do, however, ask you to share, within your group forum, what you experienced in the writing.  You can do this simply by responding to the weekly discussion questions.  We’re not looking to create art, though it often happens when you write from the heart!  There, you see how easy it is!?  I just wrote a poem!

We’re not looking to create art,
Though art often happens
When you write from the heart!

That, by the way, is another of our objectives in these workshops – to have fun!  And it is certainly one that we do achieve consistently.  So do join us!